Chibi Totoro

Today I drew Chibi Totoro. Totoro is a grey, friendly forest spirit, at least three meters tall. But as chibi, he’s way smaller and cuter! >-< Here are the steps! ^-^

First, draw a circular outline.


Next, add the curves of his body and then add his triangular ears as well as his paws.


Finish the body shape by capping off the bottom with a rounded shape. Draw a bump in the back for a tail, and then you can move along to the last drawing step.


All you have to do now is draw in the face by making some circles for the eyes, color in a nose, and then draw the marking line around his belly. Add three bean shapes, then draw toes and claws. Erase any mistakes, and you’re done.


You can color it or leave it as a sketch. I colored it, and this is how mine turned out:


Have fun drawing! >u<


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