Today I drew Longtail. Longtail is a pale silver tabby tom with dark black stripes, thin fur, lean shoulders, and a “V”-shaped nick in his ear.

You will first draw a circle for the head, then add the shape for the cat’s body. Also, sketch in the facial guidelines too.


You will now start sketching out the structure of Longtail’s face starting with the forehead, cheeks, and chin.


Using the facial guidelines, start drawing in the shapes for the eyes. Draw the nose including the bridge, then add the lining for the mouth.


Finish Longtail’s head by drawing the ears and top part of the head. Make sure that the hair is somewhat long on his cranium, as well as around the ears.


We can now focus on the body. To do this, sketch out the shape of the neck, then draw out the body from back to tail. As you can see, he has a “long tail”, hence the name Longtail. Make sure to make the arches for his shoulders.


Draw in his legs back and front, as well as the paws, and stomach. Be sure to fluff up those elbows.


Lastly, draw in the other front leg as well as the paw. You will add a padding to the back paw like you see here, then you can start erasing the mistakes.



This is Longtail when you are all done. I hope you find this tutorial to your liking.

I chose to sketch Longtail and then shade my drawing in. This is my finished drawing. If you want this drawing, please comment! ^-^


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