How to Draw a Chibi Mockingjay

mockingjay is a bird that was created through the mating of jabberjays and female mockingbirds.

Start by making two round shapes for the head and body of the mockingjay.


You will use the shapes you just made to draw out the beak for your mockingjay. When that is done draw out a large chibi style eye like so, then move along to step three.


The next thing you will do is draw out the shape of the top part of the mockingjay’s head, then draw out the wings which are folded a bit.


Now since this is a chibi style bird, the body is really small, so you will be drawing out the thighs and feet already. Notice how the talons are are cropped like it’s going to grasp something.


For your last drawing step, all you have to do is draw out the shape of the tail, then add the lines. You can start erasing your mistakes to clean things up.


Here is what your mockingjay should look like when you’re done. Now you can color it in using a gold crayon, pencil, or marker. ^-^



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