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Ubisoft has announced via Twitter that the song of the moment, Gangnam Style, will be coming to Just Dance 4. Gangnam Style by PSY has been viewed over 490 million times on YouTube, and is the site’s fourth most watched video and most watched K-pop video.

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Ever LOLed or ROFLed so hard that you actually ROFLed? Yea….. neither have I… But apparently, that’s a different story for our Yoona!

Recently, some photos of Yoona with Jang Geun Seuk (the dude from Love Rain) were shared online showing Yoona’s funny side as she literally rolls on the floor while ROFL.

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How to Draw a Pikachu Dragon

Standing 1.04 ft (0.4m) tall, Pikachu are mouse-like creatures, and were the first “Electric-type” Pokémon created, their design intended to revolve around the concept of electricity.

1. Begin by making a circle for the head, then draw the body shape. Make the tail line with the electric bolt pattern at the end.


2. Begin drawing out the structure of the face. Draw the two horns like so, and add some fluff on the head.


3. Now draw in the face. Start with the eyes, then draw the round marks for the cheeks. Line the tips of the horns, then draw the tongue and the nostrils.


4. Draw the back of the neck, then draw the front which turns into the chest. Draw the start of the front legs, then add detailing on the chest.


5. Draw the back, then draw in the hind leg. Draw the toes, then draw the thick tail.


6. Lastly, draw in the bat style wings, then draw in the talons which should look sharp. Add the details to the wings, then draw the tuft of hair on the back of the neck. Erase the mistakes and guidelines.


7. Here is what your drawing of a Pikachu dragon should look like when you are done. Now all you have to do is color him in.


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How to Draw a Dragon Lugia

Lugia is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak‘s Pokémon franchise.

1. Draw the guides for Lugia.

2. Next, draw the head shape, as well as the muzzle.


3. Draw the eye. Don’t forget that dented indication of brow at the middle of the forehead.


4. Next, draw the lower jaw, and the pupil. Begin with the jaw first, and then the tongue.


5. Lastly, draw the long snaking neck.


6.  Once you’ve completed the steps above, you should have something like this.

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