How to Draw a Moon Dragon

Here is a dragon that brings back the traditional style of dragon with the serpentine look similar to the Chinese dragons.

1. To start, we will need to draw a shape that is circular for the dragon’s body pose of motion. Begin with one single stroke that is capped with a head shape and sectioned off with an oblong shape for the moon dragon’s body.

2.  For step two, you will begin sketching out the dragon’s head from a profile state. Start with the jaw, and then continue on from there by incorporating the snout, face, and horns.

3. Now you will sketch in the detailing to the face like the scale lines that flow down the horns and face. When that is done, draw in the eye and the nostrils, then carefully sketch in the frills behind the jawline and for the beard.

4. Now that the head is complete, you can proceed with drawing the first part of the body which starts with the neck, then turns into the chest and mid section. Draw the front legs like so, and be sure to sketch in the detailing for the legs as well.

5. Instead of the body, draw out the wings in a way that covers the body completely in a cloak-like fashion. The edges of the wings should be drawn with a wispy cloud-like design, or you can choose to go with a style that you think would look better. Add detailing throughout, then proceed to step six.

6.  Only one more drawing step after this one, so hang in there. What you will need to do now is draw out the rest of the body which is the bottom section and the tail. Draw the back leg in a relaxed manner, then sketch out the talons. Add detailing to the foot like so, then you are done here.

7.  Lastly, draw out the other wing that will only be visible because it is wrapping on the body like you see here. Make the edges the same way you did previously, then sketch in the final definitions and detailing all over the body where needed. Erase the mistakes that you might have made along the way.

8. Now all you have to do is color or shade it in. Here is what the entire image looks like all shaded in. I hope you liked this lesson, because I know I loved drawing this dragon.


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