How the Nyan Cat was born

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Have you ever wondered how the Nyan Cat was made? The person- well, robot that sang it was the international diva, Hatsune Miku. Lots of people have loved many of her songs, but not as much as this one. The person who made this was a remixer and adapted Miku’s song to sound just like the rainbow poptart cat we all know. The original song called “Nyanyanya” translated, “Mewmewmew”, was one of the top hits of most of the songs she’s made. Other people have used different softwares and covered the song as well. The most popular cover was by an Utauloid, (A software that a regular person can make at home for free), Momone Momo. (Which translates to “Peachy Peach”). So, if you were to choose, would you pick Hatsune Miku’s version, Momo’s version, or the original adapted version?


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