Art Tutorial: Amy Rose Cat/Kitty Form

Hey guys I’m back with another art tutorial! Today the tutorial is on Amy Rose from the Sonic the Hedgehog series in cat/kitty form. Amy is known for her unrequited, obsessive love for the series’ main character Sonic, and they have saved each other’s lives on a number of occasions.

First, sketch a big circle for her head and the draw in the facial guidelines. Then draw in the small circular shape for the body.

photo 1

Next, thicken the shape you drew to structure her face, and then you can sketch in three thick chunks of hair for her bangs. Add the headband and ear.

photo 2

Sketch in the other ear, and then finish sketching her hair. Add the detail in the inner ear.

photo 3

Sketch the thick, bold shape of her eyes using the facial guidelines, and then sketch the eyeballs and eyelashes. Sketch another circle towards the bottom of the face to create her muzzle. Sketch the nose and mouth inside. Add two whiskers on the side of the muzzle, and then sketch in her bottom lip.

photo 4

Draw the chest fur and then the two stump-shaped legs. Add some toe lines.

photo 5

Sketch the arch of her back, and then sketch in her tail. Sketch her back leg and add some toe lines to her paw. Erase any mistakes or stray lines.

photo 1

Lastly, color in Amy!

photo 2

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Have an awesome 4th of July and stay awesome ninjas! 🙂